Secure More Paid Collaborations!

Introducing the IKit, the next evolution of the media kit, designed exclusively for influencers.

The IKit is an online, mobile-ready media kit that updates in real-time. Showcase your personal brand and collaborations directly with brands through a custom online link and track when your IKit has been opened.


Customize your IKit and access it anywhere in the world, at any time.


Send a secure link of your IKit directly to brands and track when it’s been opened.


Analytics are updated automatically with stats for in-depth analysis.


Create multiple IKits for various content categories for specific industries or brands.

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We carefully designed gorgeous, fully customizable templates that make your past work fully shine.

The IKit is hosted online and updates all your follower stats and analytics automatically.

Now you can spend your time creating amazing content instead of wasting hours updating PDFs.

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Your influencer IKit is completely private.

When you decide to share it with a brand, you simply create and share a special link that automatically expires in 30 days.

This way you fully control who has access to your IKit and for how long.

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There's nothing worse than sending your media kit to a brand and not hearing anything back for days.

Do they actually take a look at it? How can you know? The IKits track views automatically, in real-time.

You'll now know exactly when a brand you shared it with is looking at it.

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Sidebuy provides you with multiple IKits that are always up to date - whether you are a fashion influencer that also works with travel brands, we've got you covered.

Sharing the right IKit with the right brand only takes 2 clicks. You can now be super relevant in no time.


It was a pleasure working with Sidebuy on this campaign - our first experience with you.

Yasmin was most helpful throughout the process and the site itself was clear and concise. We knew exactly what needed to get done and when. The campaign itself fit our readership base perfectly and the giveaway was extremely well received by our audience.

We hope to collaborate again in the future. Thank you for all of your support!

Ava Grace's Closet

Sidebuy has been great to work with and understands the type of brands that make sense for my audience. I loved that they are so organized and efficient and are clearly focused on creating lasting partnerships.

Charell Star
Not Just A Girl In A Dress

My experience was very positive. I think you handled the campaign communications and management very timely and professionally, and I am very grateful for that! It makes our job of creating awesome content in a timely manner so much easier and very enjoyable.

Olena Fashion TV

Sidebuy not only help you discover up-and-coming brands but they also match you with those that fit well with your content and audience. I admire their professionalism and how they make working with brands such a pleasant and an unforgettable experience.

Sweet Jelly Bean

I loved working with Tina and Sidebuy. I had the editorial freedom to write with my own voice, and I've never had payment come so quickly. I would welcome the opportunity to work together again!

Olivia Lasting
This West Coast Mommy

Sidebuy is by far one of the greatest Influencer Companies to work with. My recent experience from start to finish was one of the best experiences since I began blogging three years ago. The reps were great to deal with, the support for the campaign was always available and even final payment was unbelievably quick. I am truly looking forward to developing a long term relationship with Sidebuy.

Linda Cassidy
A Labour of Life

I just want to let you know what a pleasure it was to work with Sidebuy on the recent campaign. The brief was detailed and easy to understand and everyone I dealt with was very professional, as well as, prompt in addressing any questions or concerns.

I look forward to a continued partnership.

Older Mommy Still Yummy

From start to finish, partnering with Sidebuy was seamless. From my experience, with their clear instructions, expectations, and quick response to questions, connecting brands with influencers is a job Sidebuy does well!

Thanks Sidebuy!

Influencer/Freelance Writer, Canadian Blog House

Working alongside the Sidebuy team for the Holt Renfrew launch was a seamless operation. From initial discussions of how they saw our two brands working together, to briefing the influencers on the program - there was always a clear and concise message to be told. I also appreciated how Sidebuy worked to create a synergy between my personal brand and that of Holt Renfrew's ensuring that the final product was a collaboration which both parties were pleased to share with their audience.

Krystin Lee
Suburban Faux Pas

It was such a pleasure working with Sidebuy on the launch of the new Holt Renfrew Square One. Their attention to detail and frequent communication made for a seamless collaboration and an enjoyable partnership.

Lauri Young
The Rue Collective


Sidebuy’s catalogue of over 10,000 influencers is comprised of professional content creators and products experts who are shaping the behaviour of millions of consumers through their authentic content.

Dianamarks 188d17d3d4e1504e9ccf2689c93ac2bf94113aee5c32afd494ee882ded2f21ca
Diana Marks
1.4M Reach
Krystin b8d49af25055bcb79918bc0221528417d3d5bcdbd469135f0d7782dd648291ea
Krystin Lee
270k Reach
Kelly 22c1eca793a2a1ec9b7920f3ca2343a439da1f8bc7d7404ee3b12e382b5b603b
Kelly Logan Gould
860k Reach
Fashionbeans 4fa443cfdec0c7edba4b72ee4aa400c61d788ac5c172dc048ecd9f45cdbc45d4
Fashion Beans
517k Reach
Ella 99a91284ff700390d7d4c8d2864bb8665cc1989e8dedbe087ff66399e34468a2
Ella Dvornik
400k Reach
Laura 89d7ad47422578077e86a4bf5a2e094efc462adf241996711b521ebd573ef4b2
Laura Write
230k Reach
Leesha d7bc661ed9226a48b84ffec23918eebc6ffec1c1f01c318162f4d330a723c0de
780k Reach
Leila d915febdeb04a80ee31be88116ff88cd977f105f7abaaeb78312e7f6a585fc17
Leila Lewis
440k Reach
Jennifer 9b741fc2c6328a25348894f914695c52a7f09bb1ea2fed4093a5178478e5353f
Jennifer Taylor Hagler
370k Reach
Chante 23d563bbf59340277148b89165546cb8f71f37a7b18b56c7f6d8ff37c7056ef4
338k Reach
Cassity 90b154458520f42a5fbe4ea798351367660797bc86f83251efa83e2f9156613a
Cassity Kmetzsch
1M Reach
Moderndaymoms 3593889a641097fe5f785f5683e8e23113390d6e79876a19fe9f739efd85c02a
Modern Day Moms
385k Reach
Irene 79feee4cc1d2ec14770a037d81b58e137fc8f367a28d215aa091f5c26604c963
Irene Khan
430k Reach
Merel f4e7086de1bb1e720b4ab79a97a50fee2c24db7c24c2c227c94e597235910f59
Merel van Poorten
160k Reach
Glamgerous 833c42276b55c8fee21dda052dc76901f2bfa501af1dabea4ddfc0a20ef2137d
Camilla Sentuti
753k Reach
Ministyleblog 25b3c4566793c137d06cb4fdea41f09a24101cf3768ddd9212420e054beb3514
Mini Style Blog
200k Reach

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