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Add a Human Touch to Your Digital Marketing Strategy

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Reach Your Target Audience

Get access to your target market and influence their purchasing behaviour through trusted bloggers.

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Get Access to Authentic Content

Have experts, who your target audience like and trust, share their authentic content about your brand.

Increase Brand Awareness

Take advantage of the organic amplification of content through bloggers and increase conversations about your brand.

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Check out how Sidebuy helped brands capitalize on the power of influencersSuccess Stories

What Our Clients Say

Action-oriented and well connected, the Sidebuy team had our brand featured in the blogosphere in a matter of weeks. We are very pleased with their responsiveness to our editorial direction and willingness to recruit just the right talent to represent our company online in the best possible light.

David a9d7ff5b292dd610bae832772b3f96ef32ec3deb6b4f89ac070633fd327da529
David Petersen
VP Marketing, Stanley Furniture Company

We came to Sidebuy with an idea. They brought the idea to life for us in time frame that I didn’t think would be achievable. To be honest we probably weren’t the easiest customers to deal with primarily because the video was one aspect of many that we needed to complete prior to launching our new division. We wanted to be detailed, we had strong opinions, and we wanted value for money… They really delivered a finished product that truly exceeded our expectations, and they we were great to work with.

Chris aa9902e62027c136b5a0fd8b1bfa171b56eeaaa3e385d662474d7fb4f0d62b56
Chris Carroll
VP Sales, Constant Retail

Sidebuy has been an integral partner for They helped us improve our user experience, offered expert advice and executed the project in a fast efficient manner. They over delivered. I highly recommend partnering with the Sidebuy Team!

Danielle 2ae937339a0e25ee80bc4eb577a757bc2b9dcaed80642e9448058574f039711a
Danielle Knight

It has been such a great pleasure to work with the incredibly talented Team at Sidebuy. I appreciated their professionalism and quick work ethic, they make things happen! They are real go-getters, and certainly a company that will get the job done!

Thanks again to the whole team

Leilani c401d6ed9ab51663898dc7f685804c34d1088369e6fab97744399df37f18437b

Sidebuy is a great innovating way for me to generate new revenue streams with my social media. The staff are knowledgeable, personable and provide great metrics for both clients and suppliers of social media. I work with them any chance I can get.

Gary 28d45ce5ce0d537528f407f60b4fdd0a55c77e9b280a3e6db113d1341ef12b91
Gary Bizzo
COO, KiCKSTART Business Catalyst

Why Sidebuy?

Sidebuy combines the power of authentic content, social amplification and the voice of influencers with innovative data-driven technology to help brands reach their target audience and shape their purchasing behavior.

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Influencer Matching

Save time by filtering through our catalogue of digital influencers and find the most relevant ones based on your requirements in minutes.

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Intelligent Workflow

Automate your influencer marketing campaign workflow and seamlessly manage and measure all activities with various bloggers on one dashboard.

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Managed Services

Don’t have the time to manage your campaigns? Sit back and take advantage of our team of experts who will successfully carry out your campaigns from start to finish.


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Amplify your brand with organic conversations

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